Abstract Submission is OPEN until Monday 28th May at 16.00 BST.

Abstracts are invited for either oral or poster presentation under the submission themes below:

-Modulation of The Endocrine System: Effects on Metabolism and Growth
-Endocrinology of Mineralized Tissue from Invertebrates to Vertebrates
-Omics and Physiology of Insect Neuropeptides
-Neuropeptides and Invertebrate Toxins for Biocontrol
-Informatic and Technological Approaches to GPCRs and Signalling
-Evolution of Neuropeptide Function in The Animal Kingdom: Conservation or Diversification?
-Endocrine-immune Interactions
-Conservation and Field Endocrinology
-Circadian Endocrinology
-Neuroendocrinology of Social Behaviour
-Progress in Comparative Endocrinology: Evolution and Functions of Neuropeptide Signalling Systems
-Endocrine Disruptors and Reproductive Health
-Early Career Researcher Rapid Poster Presentations
-Arthropod GPCRs
-General and Comparative Endocrinology

The theme ‘Early Career Researcher Rapid Poster Presentations’ is reserved only for Early Career poster presenters. If you select this theme you agree to also present your poster (if accepted) as a 5 minute mini oral.

Maximum word count per abstract is 300 words.

Abstract Submission Open:         Thursday 1st February 2018
Abstract Submission Deadline:   Monday 28th May 2018
Notification of Authors:                Friday 8th June 2018

CECE 2018 19th – 23rd August 2018

Have any questions?  Email cece2018@in-conference.org.uk

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