Kristin Tessmar-RaibleMax Perutz Laboratories, Austria

    Kristin Tessmar-Raible studied biology at the University of Heidelberg 1995-2001, including a research stay at the MGH/HMS, Boston, USA, investigating C. elegans nervous system development and function. During her Diploma thesis in Jochen Wittbrodt’s lab (EMBL, Heidelberg) she studied vertebrate eye and brain development, followed by a PhD and post-doc with M.Hassel and D.Arendt (University of Marburg/ EMBL Heidelberg) which lead to the identification of ancient light sensory-neurosecretory cell types.
    Kristin Tessmar-Raible became a junior group leader at the MFPL/ Uni Vienna in 2008 and full professor 2015, addressing the function of non-visual photosensory cells in seasonal, daily and lunar animal rhythms.

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